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Capacity Building

Capacity Building is one of the means through which oil revenues can be used to develop the human capital of Liberians. As a post conflict country, Liberians need to extensively develop its human capacity to manage all aspects of the its economy, including its petroleum and hydrocarbon resources.

“NOCAL’s capacity building agenda is robust and extensive. For both academic scholarships (local and foreign) and vocational training, approximately US $1.22 million has already been spent to support capacity building goals. NOCAL has budgeted an additional US $1.44 million. In total, NOCAL’s capacity building program will provide US $2.66 million to support 1,284 students…”.

Ministry of Education: Support to the Division of Science and Technology

  • NOCAL is preparing for Liberia’s long-term future as an oil producing nation. By signing an MOU with the Ministry of Education, we are enhancing early learning science and technology education nationwide.
  • This three year program covers the renovation and furnishing of science laboratories in selected public schools and further training of science teachers.

Support to Primary & Secondary Schools

  • NOCAL donated arm chairs to Harbel Multilateral High School, stationery and other school supplies to the New Mission High School in Harbel, Margibi County. 

Enhancing Graduate Education

  • NOCAL Donated Computers and Printers to Cuttington Graduate school.

Obaa's Girls Education Outreach

  • NOCAL, through its CSR Division, is committed to financing the supply of school uniforms to students at Obaa’s Girls Education Outreach.
  • Obaa’s Girls Education Outreach is a non- profit organization. It caters to underprivileged children, by providing them with an education they would not otherwise receive. For the 2012 academic year, over 100 students received uniforms. All the uniforms provided were made within Liberia from local tie-dye material.
  • Helping these children while simultaneously supporting the local market is an enormous source of pride for NOCAL.

NOCAL Capacity Building capacitybuilding

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