The Promise of a Better Tomorrow


NOCAL: Unleashing Liberia’s Potential through Educational Scholarships for the next generation of future leaders.

At NOCAL, we want to harness and nurture the talent of our youth to advance the Republic of Liberia. We offer scholarships to Liberians both at home and abroad. They are available for all levels of education and range from post high school and vocational training through college and graduate school.

While our primary focus will be on disciplines within the energy sector, we also support complementary sectors that sustain other parts of Liberia’s economy, such as infrastructure, health, education, agriculture, information technology (IT), management of systems, information and processes, as well as governance.

Scholarship Programs offered by NOCAL:

Graduate Scholarships 

Objectives are to:

  • Prepare the best Liberian youth for the development and production of the oil and gas sector;
  • Strengthen human capital in other Liberian sectors such as agriculture, education, governance, health and technology management;
  • Rebuild Liberia with sustainability in the oil and gas sector and related sectors;
  • Ensure that students specialize in several disciplines within the oil and gas industry by exposing them to the energy sector.

Undergraduate University Scholarships

Objectives are to:

  • Prepare the young people in Liberia for the field of oil and gas development and production;
  • Ensure that revenues from the oil and gas industry trickle down to benefit Liberian citizens;
  • Establish a building knowledge base that will equip Liberians with the expertise needed to manage related key sectors of Liberia’s economic growth such as agriculture, health, education governance and technology;
  • Develop subject matter expertise in Liberian students to the point of critical mass in the sciences which will prepare them for the oil and gas industry before they enter specialized studies.

Vocational/Technical Training Scholarships

Objectives are to:

  • Build capacity in both high school drop-outs and graduates to learn vocational and technical skills which lead to self-empowerment and self-employment;
  • Ensure a positive frame of mind and outlook in life to those who participated in the 14 years of civil conflict.

High School Scholarships

NOTE: High School scholarships are not offered at this time. We may reconsider these scholarships in the future.

Scholarship Application Process

The following items are to be submitted to NOCAL in a sealed package:

  1. Completed, handwritten application form
  2. Two letters of recommendation. The letters must be from:
    • A non-family member
    • Someone with whom you have a professional working relationship.
  3. Proof of degree and/or transcript from your University
  4. Current resume
  5. Two passport-sized pictures
  6. Copy of passport or driver license

If selected by NOCAL, applicants will be informed of next steps such as face-to-face interviews or essays, etc.

Financial Breakdown of Scholarships Awarded to Date: 

1 Foreign Scholarship/ Graduate 25 $ 755,801.35 $ 829,000.00
2 Local Scholarship/ Ungraduate 137 $ 121,057.77 $ 105,320.00
3 Vocational/CSR 699 $ 247,439.00 $ 403,665.00
4 Vocational/Board 423 $ 100,690.00 $ 100,690.00
GRAND TOTAL 1284 $ 1,224,988.12 $ 1,438,675.00

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