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Capacity Building


Liberia’s petroleum sector must be managed in a manner that promotes opportunities for all citizens

Capacity Building

With the development of our hydrocarbon resources, Liberians now have a rare opportunity to create wealth, build a robust and broad middle-class, and achieve our government’s strategic goals to alleviate poverty. Revenue from the oil and gas industry has the power to support the development of other economic sectors of the country and the overall sustainable development of Liberia.

NOCAL is committed to promoting and managing the development of Liberian hydrocarbon resources. Localizing the production of services and materials, with direct ownership of Liberian companies, is essential to developing that capacity. Capacity building is designed to transfer technical knowledge to Liberians with employment and training of indigenous people. This capacity building within the oil and gas industry and related sectors is critical to the ultimate goals of NOCAL.

NOCAL supports the development of training institutes/programs that help build specialized skills in carefully selected, strategic areas related to petroleum operations and services. In addition, we support technical and job training programs at Liberian high schools and universities. We offer scholarships for higher education at the graduate and post-graduate levels. NOCAL requires all contractors to submit a recruitment and training plan for Liberians within twelve (12) months of a given PSC taking effect.

Local Content Empowerment

Local content programs are designed to empower Liberians to participate in the oil and gas sector. These programs promote added value in the Liberian economy through the systematic development of capacity. 

The utilization of indigenous Liberian human and material resources will be expected in the petroleum industry and related sectors. Liberia can create far-reaching positive economic spillover into the lives of all Liberians by localizing the production of services and materials used in the petroleum industry to the maximum degree possible:

  • Offer competent and qualified Liberian citizens priority in employment within the oil and gas industry and all associated industries
  • Train Liberians in relevant fields relating to the oil and gas sector
  • Contribute to institutions that train Liberians to be eligible for and meet the requirements of positions in hydrocarbon and associated industries
  • Use Liberian goods and services to conduct petroleum activities to the highest extent possible
  • Contribute to Liberian community development programs
  • Support Liberia’s effort to achieve gender equality and expertise over time
  • Undertake joint venture activities for the purpose of transferring technical knowledge to Liberians

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