The Promise of a Better Tomorrow

Our Strategy

NOCAL’s Transitional Management Team, headed by Cllr. Althea Sherman, is implementing a number of measures aimed at stabilizing the corporation and ensuring business continuity. Key priorities of the Transitional Team during this process include: execution of the restructuring initiative, reduction in personnel and other costs required by the Sustainable Action Plan, assuring the security of NOCAL’s intellectual properties, fixed assets, and other resources. NOCAL will implement a rigid fiscal regime commencing with audits of the corporation’s assets and financial statements since inception and in accordance with both local/international standards. The team will make sure that all NOCAL employees are treated fairly, equitably, and with dignity during this process.

Economic and Social Scorecard
NOCAL is Accountable economic

The Economic and Social Scorecard

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Michael Johnson spotlight

Drilling Engineer, Technical Services Department, NOCAL

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