The Promise of a Better Tomorrow

NOCAL’s Core Values

Safety, Health, Environment (SHE):

NOCAL places a high value and responsibility on the Safety, the Health, and the Environment (SHE) of its employees, contract partners, vendors, customers, visitors, its communities, and assets.

All work can and must be done safely.

Ethical Behavior, Compliance with Law and Internal Policy:

Employees will conduct themselves and perform their duties with the highest degree of integrity and in accordance with law in all their business, use of information technology, and social interactions, both on and off the job.

Fair and Respectful Treatment:

NOCAL believes all persons (employees, customers, contract partners, vendors, visitors, and community members) are worthy of dignity and respect and likewise are expected to treat others with dignity and respect. Illegal discrimination and harassment are not tolerated.

NOCAL Vision and Mission visionandmission

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