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NOCAL's Economic and Social Scorecard


We hold ourselves accountable to the Liberian People


Once the Petroleum Policy Law is enacted, NOCAL will immediately collaborate with the Liberian government ministries and agencies given jurisdiction over petroleum matters, to implement a world-class balanced scorecard system. The scorecard system will seek to measure the upstream petroleum sector, including activities related to reconnaissance, exploration, development, production, transportation of non- refined petroleum and decommissioning, as well as provisions for the management of revenues generated by upstream petroleum. There will be nine (9) scorecards; one for each of the following nine (9) thematic areas articulated in the National Petroleum Policy:

  1. Resource Ownership
  2. Maritime Boundary
  3. Legal Framework and Institutional Oversight
  4. Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability
  5. Licensing and Contracting
  6. Work Program and Operations
  7. State, Citizens Participation and Fiscal Regime
  8. Revenue Management
  9. Local Content
  10. Safety, Health, Environment and Social Impact

The balanced scorecard system comprises strategic objectives, measures, targets and initiatives of NOCAL performance in ensuring that the people of Liberia derive maximum benefit from oil exploration and any commercial production.


NOCAL will launch the balanced scorecard system and use it at multiple organizational levels from corporate down to departmental and team levels. 


  • To enable NOCAL businesses to create value


  • To be recognized as a world-class service organization by our citizens, operators, and stakeholders


  • To deliver business services according to agreed service level agreements
  • To develop hands-on leadership and improved personal behavior
  • To develop a performance-based culture for the organization


  • To regulate the operators (IOCs) according to Liberia’s governance of the Upstream petroleum sector
  • To monitor the operators’ behavior in complying with Safety, Health, and Environment mandate
  • To determine what impact the operators are making in economic development and sustainability

NOCAL's Core Principles Vission-feature

Transparency, Inclusiveness, and Commitment to SHE

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