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Procurement Process

Procurement Governance

NOCAL is about equal opportunity and equal access. Anyone can become a vendor so long as he or she meets the procurement governance requirements:

  • A vendor submits an application package which includes
  • The Vender Application form
  • Business Registration
  • Tax Clarence
  • Professional References

Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP) Process

  • Vendors are sent RFQ or RFP
  • With a list of the items requested along with the specification for each respective item
  • The timeframe/deadline for the vendor to response with quotation is duly indicated

Vendor Quotation or Proposal Selection Process

  • Vendor sends back a sealed quotation or proposal within the deadline
  • A quotation or proposal is disqualify if received after the deadline
  • Procurement evaluates them base on the following priority and ranking
  • Capability to meet the technical specifications (1)
  • Lowest Price (2)

Vendor Delivery Process

  • If RFQ or RFP is for Goods then the selected vendor receives a purchase order for supply of goods
  • If RFQ or RFP is for Service then the selected vendor received a contract
  • Vendor delivers the goods or service
  • With a Delivery Note and Invoice to Procurement
  • Purchase orders are redeemed (Payment) within 30 days

Economic and Social Scorecard
NOCAL is Accountable economic

The Economic and Social Scorecard

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