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Chairman Press Statement

"For some time now, the national conversation has centered on the transparency, accountability and the ultimate beneficiaries of our natural resources and how it has been managed. As a Nation blessed with resource, we have historically made mistakes. As a Nation on its path to reconstruction and renewed national identity, we must learn from the mistakes of our past and forge a new presence for our future.. Like you, I believe that all Liberians are the beneficiaries of our resource blessings, particularly from our potential oil revenues. This is why the conversation on the oil and gas sector reform and the reform process its-self has been enlightening and uplifting. At home, and across the Diaspora, the voices of interests are the same, proving the growing presence of a sense of shared ownership of our country and its natural resources are one. We encourage all Liberians to participate in this conversation because it benefits our people and is good for our country. The simple truth is that what is own together ought to benefit all and not a selected few..."

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