The Promise of a Better Tomorrow


Edwin Fahnbulleh, Data Management Officer, NOCAL


My first ambition as a child when I was growing up was to become a pilot. Even though I knew it would be daunting, I thought I could make it with the support of my parents and family.  After the completion of my secondary education, I had a conversation with my mother as to what I wanted to do in college and in sum, we narrowed my bachelor’s degree concentration choices down to Political Science,  International Relations and Economics.  I immediately decided to choose economics knowing that I could still practice politics even if I turned out to be an economist. While in college, one of my instructors, Tom Chea, asked me to do some research for him on universities offering degrees in Petroleum Economics.  This piqued my interest, knowing that this field would offer me unique specialization and marketability as a professional.  I knew with such qualification I could easily work inside and outside of Liberia in the petroleum sector.   Little did we know at that time that we would one day reach a period of discussing oil and gas in Liberia.

I hail from Grand Cape Mount County. I attended the Seventh Day Adventist High School on Camp Johnson Road, where I obtained my high school diploma. I also attended the African Methodist Episcopal University where I obtained a BSc in Economics. After completion of my undergraduate study, I traveled to the United Kingdom where I attended the University of Dundee in Scotland and obtained a Master of Science degree in Energy Studies with Specialization in Petroleum Economics, under a NOCAL scholarship.

By getting involved positively in what is happening at NOCAL and by assisting management in the daily routine activities in the corporation. Individually I can reach out there to explain to my fellow citizens what are some of the future challenges and benefits that we can expect in this industry, what citizens need to do to benefit from the Oil and Gas sector. Lastly we will have to transfer the knowledge to our fellow Liberians that are willing to get involved the industry. The legacy that I hope to leave with NOCAL and Liberia will be that I came and served in the interest of the government and the people of Liberia. I also hope to leave a positive road map that generations unborn can follow in the industry that will lead to a good future for our country.

My ambition as a child give me more interest in Science and Math, Knowing that if I were to be successful as a pilot I needed to know Math and Science. I took keen interest in the two subjects and was always around classmates and instructors that were good in the subjects; we did group studies and were always asking questions and seeking answers from my teachers.  I was told by my teachers that the only way to know those two subjects is to read them every day, and make them part of your daily activities.   This advice helped to develop my skills in the sciences while in secondary school, and even at the baccalaureate and post graduate levels.

Growing up as a child was not an easily task, being the last child of my father who was already in his old age.   My mother had to look out for me every step of the way. She became my mentor and always encouraged me to do my best in everything. My family name became my motivation to strive for a better future,  knowing that I wanted for my older brothers and sister to be proud of me, even though I am the last of our father’s children I came out to be successful. I still carry this motivation with me everywhere I go.

I have not taken any mentor at NOCAL yet, but I deeply admire the work of many of the professionals at NOCAL. Collectively , I am learning from their work and also learning how we all can make it better for the future.  I admire mostly the CEO.

I have come to realize that the best way to learn and develop oneself is to get involved in what is been done in one’s field, and in things around you in a positive way.  One will have to take challenges and difficult tasks with the assurance that one will be successful in one’s endeavors just like others in the sector.

My advice will be for that person to be committed and focused on what his/her dreams are.  If I can do it, so can anyone, and perhaps, they may even do better than I. Nothing is difficult once the mind is willing to learn it, however, above all, one requires self-discipline and  the commitment to read and understand one’s area of expertise. There is no magic in obtaining one’s dream:  it only takes commitment and self-discipline.

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