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Block 14 - Leased blocks in the Liberia Basin

 PSTM-PSDM Spec Sheet


Off the coast of Margibi & Montserrado

Block Status

Block in its first exploration period. One well commitment slatedfor 2014 by the operator Chevron Liberia.

Block Contractor(s)

Chevron 45%

Oranto 30%

ENI 25%

Initial contract
Signed 2009
Amended 2010
Ratified by Legislature 2010

Production Sharing Contract: Based on Production levels

0 to 100, 000 bpd 35% 65%
100,000 to 150,000 bpd 47% 53%
>150, 000 bpd 55% 45%

In case of Natural Gas:

30% 70%

Production Sharing Contract (PSC)

Past and Present Exploration Activities

Amoco drilled in 1985 the A2-1 well in shallow water with immature Oil show, Oil prone show at -472m and Oil show at -528m, at -110m and at -2000m of the Early-Middle Albian and at -3100m of the Aptian. Total Depth (TD) -3117m. More geological & geophysical data acquisition along with processing and interpretation ongoing to determine the viability of geological prospects and leads to determine possible location to drill a well as per PSC mandate.

Liberian Shelf Exploratory drilling prior to 1985:

  • Company : Amoco
  • Well Name : A2-1
  • Surface Coordinates :
    • X : 301873.22973
    • Y : 661709.47452
  • Total Depth : 3177.84000m
  • Water Depth : 78m
  • Result : DRY HOLE


Chevron Liberia

Bid Rounds