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NOCAL Block Bidding Process

Available Blocks in the Liberia Basin

Our goal is to lease Liberian oil blocks only to those companies best suited to both explore for and produce our country’s petroleum resources.All companies seeking to explore in Liberia, including our offshore territories, should expect to meet our high standards for corporate responsibility.

NOCAL will follow a rigid process when evaluating block bids. We will measure bidding companies to determine overall fitness and require that each company bidding for blocks in the Liberia basin submit the following items for examination before being awarded any blocks:

  • The history of bidding company, its parent company and any subsidiaries
  • The bidding company’s International experience; corporate policies on integrity and business
  • Record of the company’s past performance and adherence to commitments in international petroleum agreements
  • Overall financial capability, including evidence of funds sources, statement of net worth, ratio of debt to equity, profitability record
  • Work program financial commitment for each of the three exploration periods, the number of wells to be drilled; seismic lines to be shot; other work commitment for each of the three exploration periods
  • Technical capacity of the company and of the parent company and all affiliates required to implement the given project
  • Overall experience, track record and expertise in exploration, development and production in both onshore and offshore environments
  • Proposals for utilization of specific technologies in conduct of operations and for future expansion of operations
  • Proposed exploration, development and production plans and strategies
  • Company or parent company/affiliate company’s commitment to local community development policies and examples of implementation
  • Proposed environmental management and safety plans for the project
  • Proposal for community development and infrastructure improvement
  • Proposal for local content in terms of training and growth of indigenous capability
  • Proposals for operational issues, including anticipated staff levels, involvement of expatriate and local staff and programs of health and welfare of employees