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Chervon Secondment for NOCAL's employees: Geologist George Gontor and Petroleum Engineer Urias Taylor.

IOCs are making significant contributions towards NOCAL's Capability Building by offering Secondment programs which may grant NOCAL employees the opportunity to come work in an IOC workplace and gain hands-on training under the tulege of O&G experts.

Urias Goll, Environmental Officer, Safety, Health and Environment ( SHE), Technical Services Department, NOCAL


Urias Goll joined NOCAL in 2010 following a successful completion of graduate school education in the UK which was sponsored by the corporation. His technical interest lies in  managing externalities from resource extraction and use. One of the expectations of NOCAL and the government of Liberia from scholarship recipients is for them to contribute to specific national programs and projects.  Hence, Urias was assigned to NOCAL to the department of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) as an Environmental Economist. He holds an undergraduate degree (BSc.) in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Liberia and a graduate degree (MSc.) in Environmental Economics and Management from the University of York, United Kingdom. Urias has received training and experience as an environmental activist which he gathered during his involvement with the International Youth Climate Movement and as coordinator of the National Climate Change Secretariat prior to joining NOCAL.

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