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Procurement Process

Procurement Process

NOCAL is about equal opportunity and equal access. Our procurement process is a series of processes that are essential to get products or services from requisition to purchase order and invoice approval through sourcing. In this vein, anyone can become a vendor as long as he or she meets the procurement governance requirements:

Legitimate business operating under the law of the Republic of Liberia with these legal documentations:

• Article of Incorporation
• Valid up to date Business Registration
• Valid up dated Tax Clearance

Other requirements on the basis and nature of the procurable items

• ALCC Certificate
• MPW Certificate
• Social Security Security
• Professional References
• Any other documents as may be indicated in the biding document

Petroleum Exploration: 2016 – Present

• In 2014 the New Petroleum Exploration and Production Law was passed and signed into law in 2016.
• By 2016, due to down-turn in oil price, all players in the Liberia basin relinquished licensed areas.
• In December 2018, the Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority was activated as a result of the New Petroleum E & P Law of 2014, taking on all regulatory functions.
• In 2019, some provisions of the New Petroleum E & P Law were amended to increase block size and to include Direct Negotiations and Executive Allocation to NOCAL as ways to grant petroleum rights to companies coming into the basins..
• Preparations for Bid Rounds in 2020 well under way .

Soliciation Process

This process is used to request potential suppliers to offer a quotation, bid or proposal to provide the required goods, services or works. Solicitation is the process of seeking information, proposals, and quotations from suppliers.

Procurement Method

Our process is Open Competitive Bidding which includes:

International Competitive Bidding (ICB)

Goods, works and services

National Competitive Bidding (NCB)

Goods, works and services

Request for Proposal

Consultant Services

Request for Quotation

Alternative for small scale purchase

Restricted Bidding

Subject by approval by commission

Soliciation Procedures:

For ICB: Invitation to Bid (ITB) is sent out for six (6) weeks
For NCB: Invitation to Bid (ITB) is sent out for four (4) weeks
For RFQ: Request for Quotation is sent out for at most 1-2 weeks
For RB: Restricted Bidding is sent out for at most 3 weeks to at least three (3) bidders

Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP) Process

Vendors are sent RFQ or RFP

With a list of the items requested along with the specification for each respective item

The timeframe/deadline for the vendor to response with quotation is duly indicated

Vendor Quotation or Proposal Selection Process

Vendor sends back a sealed quotation or proposal within the deadline

A quotation or proposal is disqualified if received after the deadline

Procurement evaluates proposals base on the following priority and ranking:

* Capability to meet the technical specifications

* Most Economically Advantageous Tender (price)

Vendor Delivery Process

If RFQ or RFP is for Goods, then the selected vendor receives a purchase order for supply of goods

If RFQ or RFP is for Service, then the selected vendor received a contract

Vendor delivers the goods or service

With a Delivery Note and Invoice to Procurement

Purchase orders are redeemed (Payment) within 30 days

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